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Scary Movie 2

WritersShawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans. Buddy Johnson Phil Beauman, Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer, Alyson Fouse, Greg Grabianski, Dave Polsky, Michael Snowden, Craig Wayans

Director: Keenan Ivory Wayans

Released 2001

Scary movie 2 was made up of several different movies The Haunting, The Exorcist, Charlie’s Angels, and Save the Last Dance, etc. This movie is what you can call a cross genre film mixed with horror and comedy.  The lighting that was used in this film was important and it helped transition views from the scary parts to the very funny scenes. The movie began with a dark and eerie shot of the house. The low-key lighting technique used here was easy to identify because of the overall dark look of the area and deep shadows (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011).  The next scene took place inside the mansion. A high key lighting design was used to make the scene look joyful for the group of people singing at the piano. The mood switched from chipper to humorous once they started rapping about shaking their butts. But after watching the beginning of the film it was easy to predict the switch between horror and comedy. The room became dark and then shifted to the possessed girl the lighting became harsh and unflattering, forcing the demon inside her. Not long after that terrifying scene, the room brightens showing something funny was about to happen. The child pukes on the priest who then turns around and pukes back followed by more vomiting The scene was swapped back and forth between high and low key lighting throughout the movie.

Scary movie 2 Trailer

Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. (2011). Film: From Watching to Seeing. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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